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Shifters of Grey Ridge
Book 3

Rex is an Alpha without a pack. Rejected by his fated mate, he's not interested in second chances.
He just wants to be left in peace to lick his wounds and rebuild his life.
When he starts a new business, his sister-in-law comes to help out, but Leah is exactly the kind of happy, bubbly woman he normally can't stand to be around. It doesn't matter how attractive she is.

And let's not forget she knows nothing about shifters.
Even if he wanted to keep her, he can't. Not without facing the one thing that has the power to strike fear in his heart and turn his world upside down all over again. His mate.

Leah knows what she wants and she won’t give up until she gets it.
The second she lays eyes on her handsome brother-in-law, she knows Rex is the one for her.
Even if the grumpy man pretends to be irritated by her mere presence, she knows he feels it too.
She doesn’t know what’s holding him back and making him push her away. But it won’t work, not with this stubborn human.
He can run, but he can’t hide.

When trouble comes to Grey Ridge, and Leah gets caught in the middle, will Rex be too stubborn to go after what he wants? Will Leah accept him even if he does?
Or will it be too late?

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Spin-off Novella

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Book Reviews

Great story, interestingly built characters that immediately intrigue. It's hard to break away from reading, it’s very addictive. I highly recommend!


Couldn't ask for anything more. Great stories - all these books have me hooked!!!!


I absolutely love how Reece writes about the connection between mates. She is my favourite paranormal author, hands down.

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