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Shifters of Grey Ridge
Book 4

Nathan is a playboy bachelor, living his life to the fullest. Being the brother of the Alpha has its perks, and Nathan makes the most of all of them. He's not looking for his mate. From what he's seen, they're nothing but trouble and heartache.
Or that's what he thinks until his fated mate walks into the packhouse and turns his life upside down.
Now he wants love, family, and a happily ever after.
The only problem is going to be convincing her. The longer it takes, the more danger she's in.
Someone still has it in for the Grey Ridge pack, and an unmarked mate could be exactly the easy target they're looking for.

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Spin-off Novella

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the alpha's regret book4.jpg
Book Reviews

The twist is this book had me freaking out! I'm pretty sure my house could have been on fire and I wouldn't have noticed, that's how gripped I was to this.

Reece does not disappoint in the 4th installment for the Shifters of Gray Ridge series.

This book had me tense with anticipation that I needed to know everything a chapter ago. Such a great read.


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