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Shifters of Grey Ridge
Book 6

Chase Walker is a man on a mission.

Convinced the Grey Ridge pack is a cover of some kind of criminal organisation, he plans to use his military experience and connections to help his sister's escape from the men who've lured them into trouble.
First, he has to get proof they're up to no good. 

Gathering the evidence he needs would be much easier if the local deputy, the beautiful but annoying as hell, Natalie Lennox, would get off her perfect backside to help him. Instead, she goes out of her way to hide the truth from him, and he's determined to find out why.

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Spin-off Novella

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Book Reviews

Who doesn’t love a 6’4”, ripped, gorgeous alpha who chases you and says, “You’re mine!”


I wish this book was longer, because I absolutely loved Chase and Natalie. I finished it in less than 24 hours and got ready to preorder the rest. 


Favorite book of the series! 

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