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Steel Pack Alphas
Book 2

When the pack is under threat, Max is tasked with finding the man determined to take down his alpha and destroy his home. 
He'll never let that happen, even if that means working with Sharon, the council witch he's never quite trusted. 

Sharon's trying to make up for putting the Steel pack's luna in danger, but Max, their stubborn beta, is making it extremely difficult.
He refuses to believe she's really there to help, but while they hunt their mutual enemy, they'll have no choice but to have each other's backs.

They need to get over their differences fast, or they won't make it back alive.

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2. TheHunt-RBarden-8x5.jpg
Book Reviews

So good I'm at a loss for words... deliciously spicy with a friend's to enemies to lovers with an extra surprise or two thrown in the mix. 

Reece has a magical way of writing! I have rated this 5 stars! I loved loved it! So excited to see what happens in the next book!

Truly one of my favorite reads ever. Enjoyed every moment of it. So sad to see it end.

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