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Steel Pack Alphas
Book 3

A rogue attack changed Tyson's life forever. Already frustrated at not being publicly acknowledged as the rightful heir to the Steel Pack, his anger grows when he's wounded in battle and left behind.


Saved by vampires but unable to return to what's left of his family, he's wandered for years, plotting his revenge. The darkness inside him eats away at his soul as he plans how to get his revenge, reclaim his pack and find the mate he's been searching for since a chance encounter right before the attack.


But when the opportunity he's been waiting for comes along, and he can't do all three, which will he choose? Revenge against the half-brother that stole his life or the woman who makes him want to be a better man?


A paranormal romance with wolf shifters, a vampire hybrid hellbent on revenge, hot and steamy fated mates, and a sibling rivalry that could destroy them all.

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