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Steel Pack Alphas
Book 1

Alpha Blake Steel is running out of time.
In his late thirties and without a mate, moon madness is starting to take its toll.
He can feel her. He knows his fated mate is close by.
The idea of giving up on her is unbearable, but unless he finds her soon, he'll have no choice.
Waiting any longer will cost him his life.

When he stumbles across his mate, a human with no idea about this whole new world of werewolves and shifters, will he be able to convince her to give them a shot? Or with the clock ticking, and an old enemy circling, will he be forced to leave her behind to save himself and his pack?

This is a steamy, dual POV, MF paranormal romance.
The MMC is a possessive alpha wolf shifter, with a human fated mate, but we have vampires and witches to add to the intrigue!
HEA and no cheating guaranteed.

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Book Reviews

This book was frickin awesome! The best wolf shifter romance I’ve ever read.

This has the hottest scenes! Alpha Blake’s growly personality will make you melt into a puddle reading this new story. I highly recommend this book, this is not a slow burn!

If you like your alpha's with a growl and your leading ladies with bite, this is a book for you!

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