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Book covers. Hot or not?

The Alpha’s Saviour has nearly finished editing and formatting, and I’m looking forward to getting it out to readers to see what they think! I’ll be putting a link to an ARC form on my Instagram and sending it out to subscribers in the next week or so.

Keep an eye out if you’re interested in signing up as I will keep the team small for my first time doing this! And please, if you think you may not have the time to leave a review, don’t sign up as you might be taking a spot from someone else. I’ll be looking for more reviewers for The Alpha’s Inferno towards the end of the summer.

As I get the final print version cover for the book ready, I have a question for you guys. I’ve posted it on Instagram too so you can respond here or contact me there.

For those of you that buy print versions, would the fact that there was no discrete version of the book available put you off? A discrete cover means that the book isn’t immediately identifiable as a romance book, where a half naked man makes it pretty obvious!! 😂🔥🔥

Let me know which you prefer, or if you’re all Kindle readers, maybe you don’t mind either way.



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