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700,000 views! Just wow

Last year, I dipped in and out of writing The Alpha's Saviour, a wolf shifter paranormal romance, not really sure what I would do with it when I finished it. After reading a few books on a serialisation app, I thought this might be the way to go, to get some feedback and dip my toe in the water of self-publishing. I put up the first batch of chapters on Wattpad and started posting a new one then every day.

At the start, when I got the first few views, I was shocked that anyone would be able to find it, let alone be interested in reading it. As I got a few reviews, I was glued to the notifications. Those first few people who commented and offered support meant everything to me (@cjnewman - your comment about the underuse of the word hussy had me in stitches).

Just a couple of months later and it has hit 700k views on Wattpad and I am just so humbled so people have been kind enough to take the time to read it, and the comments and jokes make my day.

Thank you to the Wattpad community for making my first step towards becoming a published author such a wonderful and positive one! For anyone else trying to work up the courage to put their work up there, just do it. If nothing else, you'll learn something from it and meet some lovely people along the way.

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